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Terry, Allison, Leo, Roni, Ralee
1081 Glass Ave, Rudd, IA
Phone: 641-395-2940, cell 319-240-9128

Welcome to the website for Kruse Angus Farm. Kruse Angus Farms is a family operation that has been in the cattle business for 33 years. We have Registered Angus cattle and clubs calves that we sell each year. We have made many lifelong friendships being in the cattle industry. Our family has learned many valuable lessons while showing cattle like how important it is to know how to lose along with being a good winner.

We set high goals for ourselves to make sure our focus is to produce cattle that are productive, functional and structurally sound. We stand behind the cattle that we show and sell. Stop by the farm any time to view the cattle.

Recently we received a neat note from the judging coach at Iowa State University. John DeClerk who quoted “Over the past couple of years, there has been no Angus program that I find more intriguing than Kruse Angus Farms. Each year we came to practice I was shocked as the number of good neck, sound legged heifers that have crossbred like hair. I’ve always been impressed how you favor using your own genetics many times over what’s trendy in the show ring. I’ve thought the workout at your place has been fantastic and I want to extend my thanks for letting us evaluate your cattle and breeding program."

Thank you to the exhibitors who have purchased calves from us in the past. Good Luck to the exhibitors this show season!

For your Unmberger Feed Source
call Terry at 319-240-9128
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